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The Skills Zone is the home to access the new NHBF School with Pivot Point Lab - you will also find on-demand videos, podcasts, webinars on the latest business topics, in-depth guidelines, toolkits, and factsheets all included in NHBF memberships.

Pivot Point Lab

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Lessons include understanding qualifications and training requirements, being clear on health & safety and understanding consultation, allergy alerts and industry tests. Plus, much more…


Zoom meeting

Packed with valuable, up-to-date information on a range of industry-specific business topics.

In-depth guides 

NHBF member guides

Stay safe, legal and updated on all business aspects with our in-depth guides.  From advertising law guide to Pension guide and many more. 



Download Consultation, allergy alert and industry tests record card, GDPR templates to everything you need to cover health and safety law in your hair & beauty salon. 

Fact sheets


Childcare to dealing with tips and menopause. Reliable information and up to date factsheets to run a successful salon or barbershop.