David Drew - Impact Business Consultancy

Impact Business Consultancy – Sussex

David has successfully coached the winner of British Hairdressing Business Awards “Salon of The Year” for the last 3 consecutive years! A Master Craftsman State Registered Senior Hairdresser, he is also a fully accredited and qualified business coach. David has had an impressive career in hairdressing over 4 decades with previous management roles for world renowned famous hair names. An enviable reputation and is currently enjoying tremendous success. He’s passionate about coaching and helping hairdressers to build their careers and salon businesses to maximise their true profit and success potential. He was elected as Chairman of The Fellowship for British Hairdressing between April 2012-April 2014, driving for "creative excellence". He continued to sit on the Fellowship’s Council and Finance Committee.

As a State Registered Master Craftsman (The Hair Council), he’s also passionate about mandatory licence to practise hairdressing in the UK. In April 2014 David was elected the Chairman of the Steering Committee (a committee which he founded) for The Hair Council, developing strategy for delivering successful mandatory registration of all UK practising hairdressers. He currently also sits on the main Hair Council Management Committee. In January 2015 David was honoured to become the President of HABB the Hair and Beauty Benevolent, the hair industry’s only charity Helping Hairdressers In Need.


Gallery Hair & Beauty Salon

Lorenzo Colangelo – owner of The Gallery Hair & Beauty Salon, winner of the British Hairdressing Business Awards ‘Salon of the Year’ 2014 and 2015

As the managing Director of the Gallery Hairdressing I fully support and endorse the services of David Drew, Impact Business Consultant.  We have used David’s services since 2007 and in that time he has helped me to lead the salon from strength to strength, from forming business development strategies to recommending HR consultants. David has helped me focus and develop my creative brain into a more business mind that has been crucial in helping us win ‘Salon of the Year’ in HJ’s Business Awards in 2014 and 2015.  He is a friend and a confidant who respects the love we have for our salon yet at the same time is not afraid to challenge and ask the difficult questions needed.