Arapio Ltd

What does Arapio do?

Consultation Forms & Record Cards on your Smart phone/Tablet/Laptop or PC (just like the cardboard version but a zillion times better). Arapio can also create forms specifically to your requirements – email us at

Why is Arapio amazing?

Saves you time. Saves you money. Keeps you professional. Engages your Clientele. Increases Sales Potential. Gives the #ultimateclientjourney. Helps keep records GDPR compliant and in accordance with industry insurance guidelines.

Anything else?

Seriously Affordable - Pay-As-You-Go cards/forms from as little as 2p per use. No monthly subscription, no contract or licence fees.


We have new COVID-19 forms and disclaimers available to customise FOC to your salon details.

AND we’ve introduced a booking system specifically for people who work on their own. This links to our Consultation Forms to ensure you know if your client has contra-indications BEFORE they attend.

Offer for NHBF members