thankU, cashless tipping by phone

thankU doesn’t replace cash tipping – but it’s there to make sure your staff don't miss out on tips because their clients don't carry cash anymore.

thankU is the response to “I haven’t any cash with me, I’ll tip you next time…” and it’s a signal to younger people that tipping is customary!,

thankU is an ‘appless’ app – no download required, clients just scan the QR code and can tip in seconds with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or their card.

thankU does NOT require clients to even create an account before using it.

We supply our stand-mounted thankU QR badge media at no cost.

Your staff also scan the QR card to get connected to thankU – in less than a minute.

Tips go direct to the stylist, there is no cost to or management by the salon, so no responsibility for deduction of PAYE and NIC. No personal information is shared in the tipping process.

We are delighted to suggest you will find it is very hard to imagine a quicker simpler way to tip by phone.

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