thankU, cashless tipping by phone

thankU is not used to replace cash tipping, which is always preferable - its purpose is to make sure your staff don't miss out on tips because clients don't carry cash, which is only going to happen more.

thankU is the response to the excuse “I haven’t any cash with me, I’ll tip you next time…” and it’s a signal to younger people.

Clients tip with their phone direct to the stylist, there is no cost to or management by the salon, so no responsibility for deduction of PAYE and NIC.

Beneath the free smart countertop thankU unit with integrated client information cardholder is a microchip which the client holds their phone to enabling the app to route the tipper’s payment to your stylist, directly.

Your stylists have the app just to connect to your thankU unit, and to connect their user account to their bank account – they don’t use the app during the tipping process. No personal information is shared in the tipping process.

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