These requirements apply to Coversure Salonsure insurance policies underwritten by Covea, taken out or renewed after 1 January 2021. If you have insurance with a different provider, always make sure you are covered. 

Your apprentice will be covered if they are supervised by a qualified member of staff or training provider. 

My apprentice sometimes works without supervision. Is that OK?

If they are working without supervision, they must have:

  • completed a unit accreditation (completion) in the type of work they are doing (this shows they are competent in the particular service or treatment); or
  • at least one year’s training towards a recognised hair and beauty qualification; or
  • completed a level 1 qualification in hair and beauty. 

Unit accreditations

Ask your training provider about unit accreditations which will be recorded on the apprentice’s assessment record and Individual learning record (ILR).

Some awarding organisations such as City and Guilds have digital unit accreditations which can be downloaded via an online app.

Unit accreditation is a great way to recognise your apprentice’s competence and enables them to carry out more services and treatments in the salon or barbershop to help boost your profits. 

Keep Coversure informed 

Always tell Coversure if you have any apprentices working in your salon or barbershop.

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