These requirements apply to Coversure Salonsure insurance policies underwritten by Covea, taken out or renewed after 1 January 2021. If you have insurance with a different provider, always make sure you are covered. 

Saturday staff and assistants who wash clients’ hair must now be:

  • studying for a hairdressing qualification and have completed a unit accreditation in the type of service they are doing; or
  • independently assessed as capable of carrying out hair washing and conditioning correctly; or
  • qualified in the specific task of hair washing and conditioning. 

Why has this been introduced? 

There have been some large claims in recent years for ‘salon stroke syndrome’. The new requirements aim to reduce the number of claims and make claims easier to defend. 

My shampooing staff aren’t studying for a hairdressing qualification. What should I do? 

There are two options for shampooing staff: 

  • They can be independently assessed and approved.
  • They can be qualified in the specific task of shampooing and conditioning hair. 


A qualified trainer or assessor registered with a regulated awarding organisation can sign off your staff as capable of carrying out hair washing duties. 

The NHBF has developed a template which lists the skills, knowledge and behaviours required. This can be used to record the trainer’s assessment and approval of your shampoo staff. This record can then be sent to Coversure.   

Shampooing and conditioning qualifications 

Many awarding organisations offer qualifications in specific areas such as shampooing and conditioning. The NHBF trade directory provides links to awarding organisation Trade Members.  

Keep Coversure informed 

Always tell Coversure if you have any Saturday staff or assistants whose job is to wash clients’ hair.

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