13 March 2015

During this year’s National Apprenticeship week the NHBF has been showcasing and celebrating the industry’s commitment to great vocational training for future professionals.

Starting out at the London Eye with a group of apprentices from The London Hairdressing Apprenticeship Academy (LHAA), NHBF chief executive Hilary Hall went high in the sky to watch London’s highest haircut.

Next we attended the FE Week Annual Apprenticeship Conference where Hilary represented hairdressing, barbering and beauty salon employers, voicing our opinion on areas of apprenticeship reform and debating what support employers will need from training providers.

Following this Hilary attended The Commission on Apprenticeships event, hosted by the think tank Demos, to launch a report that makes recommendations to policymakers, employers and training providers about ways to increase the number of high quality Apprenticeships.

And Kevin Huggins, NHBF member and part of the hair and beauty Trailblazer group, attended a celebratory reception for Trailblazers from various industries across the UK.  Trailblazers are employer led groups developing standards for apprentices and the event was held to recognise their contribution and commitment to improving training outcomes for future professionals.

Hilary said:

“As the preferred first step for industry trainees, apprenticeships are fundamental to the future success of the hairdressing, barbering and beauty industry. And particularly now, with a political focus on the future apprenticeship landscape, it’s important for our industry to have a firm voice acting in business owners best interests.”

NHBF president Paul Curry said: “The NHBF, our partners and members have all been actively involved in this year’s National Apprenticeship week and this is the perfect time to celebrate the achievements of hair and beauty apprentices.”