24 October 2014

The NHBF has strongly welcomed proposals that small businesses should be exempted “wherever possible” from EU red tape.

The former leader of Bavaria, Edmund Stoiber, who leads the EU’s High Level Group on Administrative Burdens, has called for a “bonfire of red tape”, including ensuring small and medium-sized businesses enjoy almost blanket exemption from stifling EU bureaucracy.

His proposal is not binding on European legislators but it would be a much-needed step in the right direction if it happens.

NHBF President, Paul Curry said,

EU rules and regulation can have their place. But too often they don’t take account of the specific challenges faced by small and micro businesses or even the situation on the ground in a specific country.

Two years ago the NHBF had to battle in Brussels to protect our industry from proposed new health and safety laws, which could have cost UK businesses as much as £3m a year and which even the Health and Safety Executive argued were unnecessary.

“This year we’re lobbying hard against plans to ban high-powered hairdryers which could, again, damage our industry for no good reason if they become a reality.

“We urge EU law-makers to listen to these sensible proposals and reduce the red tape burden holding back small and medium-sized firms.”