17 July 2015

A news report out this week has said that businesses in the small coastal town of Cardigan have seen up to a 50% increase in business since parking meters were vandalised, leaving the council with no option but to allow shoppers to park for free.

For high street salons, a cheaper parking price tag could mean more clients visits the salon and are happy to spend longer in the chair having more services.  They are less worried about getting back before their parking ticket runs out and it doesn’t cost them £3 or so just to get to the salon, before they’ve even had anything done.

NHBF chief executive Hilary Hall said:

“This report is certainly eye-opening and just shows how removing rigid parking restrictions in town centres could provide greater opportunities for smaller businesses.

"The high street sits at the heart of many towns and salons in particular have a dominant presence here. Clients can visit a salon for a number of hours and they will certainly enjoy their experience more, if they know there’s no need to rush back.

“Free or cheaper priced parking means more vistors to the town center, more customers for local businesses and a more convenient shopper experience for local people. You can find everything you need on your high street, or with more time, discover some hidden treasures you never know you needed!”