13 February 2014

In response to the government’s new rules on surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Hilary Hall, chief executive of the National Hairdressers’ Federation, said:

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures have become increasingly popular on the high street in recent years and the NHBF fully supports the government in tightening up regulations in this area. It is only right someone going into a salon for a dermal filler, injectable or other non-surgical cosmetic treatment knows they are in professional, properly trained hands.

“What’s more, this sort of transparency around training and standards is good for the industry, and salons need to see it as an opportunity.

The public, it is clear, wants to be able to access these sorts of treatments in a convenient, non-clinical environment.

Being able to reassure consumers that our industry operates safely, and to regulated standards, can only be of benefit to salons and the public alike.”