21 March 2016

Following the success of the inaugural hairdressing industry fundraising day, HABB will once again be hosting the fundraising event for 'Hairdressers Helping Hairdressers' on June 24th.

HABB is encouraging hairdressers, salons and businesses within the hairdressing industry to unite and raise money for hairdressers in need.

As an added incentive every hairdresser or salon that raises £75 or more during 'Hairdressers Helping Hairdressers Day' will be entered into a prize draw to win a photoshoot with 'British Hairdresser of the Year' Darren Ambrose, hair and beauty photographer Jack Eames and fashion stylist Bernard Connolly.

How can Hairdressers/Salons get involved?

Getting involved is simple, just pop the date in your diary (June 24th) and decide how you are going to raise money on the day. You can be as creative or as simple as you want. Here are some suggestions of fundraising ideas that worked really well in 2015: bake sale, fancy dress, bad/mad hair, complimentary blowdries in exchange for a donation, donating a percentage of retail takings on the day or donating the tips of the day.

Don’t forget to raise plenty of awareness for your event before, during and after the fundraiser by sharing details and photos on social media using #HelpingHairdressersDay.

Why should you get involved?

HABB helps hairdressers who have been faced with challenging circumstances such as sickness, having to give up work to become a carer, unexpected financial difficulties and bereavement. These cases are not discriminatory and could happen to any hairdresser in any salon in the country at any time. To meet with increasing financial demands, HABB has increased adult beneficiaries payments by 40% in the past two years.

It also has a financial commitment of more than £22,000 per year to support children of families in the hairdressing industry. With increasing demands on HABB’s resources it is calling on the industry to pull together to help its own. If each salon raised as little as £10 the charity would be able to support many more hairdressers when they have nowhere else to turn.

For more information about Hairdressers Helping Hairdressers Day or ideas about how you can raise money visit www.habb.org and download your fundraising toolkit.


The Hair & Beauty Benevolent (HABB) is the official industry charity, dedicated to helping hair and beauty professionals facing difficulties in life. Since 1853, HABB has offered financial support and funding to individuals and their families facing illness, bereavement or financial hardship.

The first Hairdresssers Helping Hairdressers Day in 2015 raised more than £20,000 to help hairdressers in need.

If you would like more information about HABB or how you can get involved visit the website www.habb.org or contact Tersea Frise on 01737 212494 or teresa@habb.org.