6 March 2015

“Today’s announcement of parking reforms in England by communities secretary Eric Pickles is welcome.

“Allowing drivers 10 minutes’ grace before being fined is a sensible and common-sense reform that will undoubtedly be welcomed by town centre hairdressing salons and barbers’ shops.

“Giving businesses the right to petition their local council to review parking and emphasising that parking should not be used as a way of generating profit are also positive.

“When we surveyed members on this topic it was clear over-zealous traffic wardens, higher prices and parking restrictions were having a serious effect on the willingness and desire for shoppers to visit  town centre businesses.

“We heard stories of clients having to rush out, hair still wet, to top up the meter, of clients being unable to come in for a cut and colour because they could not park for long enough and clients even putting off making appointments because they could not face town centre parking.

“So reforms like this are positive and long overdue.”