4 June 2020

The NHBF urges salon and barbershop owners not to be overly influenced by recent news reports speculating on re-opening dates, dentist guidelines and PPE.  These reports are rumour and have not been confirmed. 

The NHBF, together with other industry bodies, took part in a hair and beauty sector specific round table meeting with Alok Sharma, Secretary of State for Business on 22 May.  We are also contributing to ongoing technical working group meetings to help the government develop guidelines for ‘close proximity working’ which covers the hair and beauty industries.  We are still waiting for the government to publish draft guidelines for the working group to review, which includes PPE advice. 

Hilary Hall, NHBF chief executive said, “We are disappointed that the technical working group has not yet seen even draft government guidelines which working group members are waiting to review.  We need to be clear about how social distancing can work for salons and barbershops and what PPE will be required. We are asking the government to urgently complete the development of the guidelines and release them as soon as possible so business owners know exactly what is required of them to reopen and operate safely.”

A recent survey of 1600 NHBF Members has shown that over three quarters (77%) feel “very well-prepared” or “as well-prepared as they could be” for reopening when it is safe to do so. Only 8% said they have not yet started preparing for reopening.