18 March 2021

NHBF welcomes new rules for completing apprenticeships 

Hair and beauty apprentices in England can now complete their apprenticeships and move on with their careers during the current pandemic without the usual need for close contact assessment.

The announcement has been welcomed by the NHBF which worked tirelessly with the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education (the Institute) to introduce an alternative assessment process for apprentices that meets the same high standards.

Fair quality-assurance process

“As well as the Institute, we have also been working closely with end point assessment organisations and hair and beauty professional steering groups to ensure a fair quality-assurance process is in place for apprentices whose end point assessments have been delayed due to Covid,” says NHBF director of quality & standards Caroline Larissey.

Apprentices will now be able to complete their end point assessments without close contact assessment until at least the end of August 2021. 

Tackling the backlog

Salon owner and NHBF Member Wendy Cummins who chairs the hair professional apprenticeship steering group, said: “The past year has been difficult for both employers and apprentices. We’re very pleased that these new measures will now enable apprentices who have been stuck in the pandemic backlog to progress and complete their apprenticeships.” 

The new arrangements will be monitored to ensure quality control. They may also be extended beyond August 2021 if necessary. 

Find out more on the Institute’s website.

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