21 August 2015

In the 2015 budget the Chancellor announced that the government would introduce an Apprentice Levy, or tax for large employers to fund Apprentices. Today’s report about the introduction of the levy to help fund training for millions more apprentices will have the hair and beauty industry worried.

NHBF chief executive Hilary Hall said: “At the moment there is a lot of detail around this proposal still missing, but we do know at the crux it’s aimed at larger companies. As the majority of hair and beauty salons and barbershops are small businesses, it looks unlikely this proposal will affect our industry.

“The NHBF will be responding to this consultation and voicing the concerns of salon owners and for the security of future training in hair and beauty. If this is introduced employers will be discouraged from taking on new apprentices, and this would hinder growth in our industry.”

 “Apprenticeships are not only the most common entry to our industry, but in the salon apprentices make a vital contribution to the workforce and client experience and their learning is a great source of inspiration for many stylists.”

The report can be found at gov.uk. Salon owners wishing to share their views should email enquires@nhf.info.