7 January 2015

The NHBF has welcomed today’s debate in Parliament on mandatory state registration of hairdressing.

Llanelli MP and shadow Wales minister Nia Griffith is due this afternoon to lead an adjournment debate calling for the compulsory state registration of hairdressers.

NHBF president Paul Curry said the move would be helpful in maintaining the profile of an issue that is extremely important for the industry.

The next five months is, naturally, likely to be dominated by the run-up to the General Election, but it is important the industry, and our supporters in Parliament, work to keep this issue on the Parliamentary agenda.

“The NHBF fully supports the idea of mandatory state registration. It is ludicrous that at the moment anyone, however poorly qualified, can feasibly set themselves up as hairdresser. Compulsory state registration will protect and enhance the reputation of our industry but, even more importantly, it will help to protect the public.”

The importance of mandatory registration was emphasised by celebrity stylist Lee Stafford on the BBC’s Breakfast programme this morning, who highlighted the case of a member of the public who had suffered a bad reaction after going to a salon to have her hair coloured, but had not been offered an allergy alert test in advance.

“It is vital any salon offering colour services ensures clients are allergy alert tested at least 48 hours before they have their colour – all reputable salons know this and, by improving standards, mandatory state registration will help to avoid this sort of tragedy happening,” said Paul.

“The NHBF has developed an innovative Allergy Alert Consultation and Colour Record Card that can help salons manage allergy testing and colour application more efficiently. We are also running an extensive programme of training events this year to continue to highlight the importance of testing to salons,” he added.