13 November 2015

Next week (16-20 November) is National Anti-Bullying Week, and the National Hairdressers’ Federation is urging salons to get behind the campaign and stamp out any bullying and intimidation on the salon floor.

National Anti-Bullying Week is co-ordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and will this year have as its theme “Make a Noise About Bullying”.

During the week individuals, employers and schools will all be encouraged to raise awareness about the dangers of bullying, the impact it can have on people and what employers and employees can do about it.

The alliance has a range of resources and publicity materials on its website, including an anti-bullying campaign pack.

NHBF president Paul Curry said:

Most salons are fun, friendly and vibrant places to work.   But a hair or beauty salon or barber shop will also often be an intense, close-knit environment. It can be all too easy for working relationships sometimes to break down, tempers to fracture or people to act in ways they shouldn’t or say things that are bullying or hurtful.


“Bullying can happen at all levels, whether it is someone senior bullying someone more junior, or even just one colleague intimidating another.  But bullying behaviour is never right, and is often totally the wrong way to get the best performance out of someone. We urge salons to join us in getting behind this campaign.”