1 July 2014

“Hairdressing is a labour-intensive industry that attracts a lot of young people, often young women, to its ranks. If this new ‘right’ means more people can successfully juggle work, childcare and caring commitments, then that’s good for salon employers too. 

“But salons also need to recognise this is only a right to request to work flexibly. It is possible to decline a request, as long as you can show there is a legitimate and reasonable business reason for doing so. While it may well make sense to try to accommodate requests where you can, it has to be recognised for small, busy salons this may not always be possible. 

“It is also important salons ensure they follow the correct procedures when an employee makes a request. For example, salons should ask for any request to be made in writing, they should meet the employee to discuss it within 28 days and they should make their decision either way within a further 14 days. 

“The NHBF has already alerted its members to this change and has updated its advice and guidance on how to manage such requests.”