16 May 2016

Since being announced as the winner of the Step Up & Shine Scholarship, in association with the NHBF, Evangeline has been on cloud nine. After uploading a short video to enter the competition, Evangeline was then informed she was one of the seven finalists and invited to attend our prestigious President’s Night. She made her way to London with her best friend and joined the World Hair Directors table before Edward Hemmings called out her name as this year’s winner of Step Up & Shine.

This is something she will never forget and on Wednesday 11th May her journey started as she joined her mentor Debbie Currie to start putting her bespoke education package into action. Evangeline was able to communicate just what areas she wants to develop through this incredible opportunity and Debbie ensured that she provided advice on the education available to her. It was a great two hours with lots of exciting dates already booked.

Following this Evangeline spent some time with Fellowship PR & Marketing Manager LJ Upton who provided lots of tips for making the most out of her year.

It was a fantastic day and it was clear just how excited and enthusiastic Evangeline is. We definitely think she is one to watch and we cannot wait to share her journey with you.

Keep up to date and follow Evangeline on her journey as she begins her scholarship.