6 January 2014

The NHBF has expressed its heartfelt thanks to members for their “amazing and positive” response to a snap survey carried out on employer-led apprenticeships in the run-up to Christmas, traditionally of course one of the busiest times of the year for salons.

The poll was designed to gauge the views of members on this key issue while the NHBF waits to hear from the government whether it has been successful in becoming a sector “trailblazer” for its apprenticeship reform agenda.

A total of 250 members responded, of which 229 gave their positive support to the NHBF putting itself forward in this way, with 215 adding they would be happy to be involved and named, if need be, as the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has made it clear it is looking for trailblazer groups to be led by named employers.

To that end a core group of 12 members has been put forward to the BIS to act as potential employer trailblazers for the hairdressing sector.

There are:

  • Edward Hemmings of Alan D Hairdressing in London;
  • Yvonne McConnell of Phase 1 Hair, Nails and Beauty Lounge in Blackpool;
  • Wendy Cummins of Quiffys in Southampton;
  • Julie Wells of Chop & Change in Addlestone;
  • Robert Rix of the Master Barber’s Shop in Southport;
  • Franco Lombardi of Moda in Bristol;
  • Gary Machin of Rogers of Chell in Stoke on Trent;
  • Kevin Huggins of Fusion Hair and Beauty Consultants in Great Yarmouth;
  • Mark Coray of Coray & Co in Cardiff;
  • Linda Stewart of Rainbow Room International in Glasgow;
  • Ann Goddard-Wilson of Hamish and Weir Barber Shop in Hamilton; and
  • Angela Dolan of Regis UK.

 “As yet we can’t be sure the NHBF will get ‘trailblazer’ status,” said NHBF chief executive Hilary Hall.

“But there are positive signs the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills wants to include a mainstream, high-volume industry within its second wave of trailblazers, so hairdressing ticks that box as well as being, of course, a service industry and able to represent the experience and priorities of small and micro employers in this area,” she added.