14 May 2021

Therapists can now choose to complete an apprenticeship in Wellbeing and Holistic Therapy, as the level 3 in Wellbeing and Holistic Therapist Apprenticeship is finally open for delivery by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, with a maximum funding cap of £9,000. 

Employers in England can receive an incentive of £3,000 for any new employees of any age who start their apprenticeship from 1 April 2021 to 30 September 2021.

Caroline Larissey, director of quality and standards said “it’s more important now than ever in these challenging times that we have a range of Apprenticeship Standards, appropriate funding bands and incentives that support apprentices, and meet the needs of our sector” Mental health is the single largest cause of disability in the UK, the wider cost of mental illness in England have been estimated at £105.2 billion per year, which has increased due to the current situation. The approval for delivery of the Wellbeing and Holistic Therapist Apprenticeship standard at level 3 is very timely, as it provides an additional pathway for beauty therapists, continues to raise the bar and enables therapists to provide broader therapeutic services to support client mental and emotional wellness via a range of holistic and wellbeing therapies. 
Diane Hey, vice chair of the Beauty Professional Steering group added “We are absolutely delighted that the Wellbeing and Holistic Therapist  standard is available for employers and apprentices to access, and I would like to thank all those involved in its creation. We have experienced a number of challenges however the publication and access to this apprenticeship is both welcome and timely as the industry re-opens. Wellbeing has seen a sharp rise and rebirth in awareness and is finally being recognised with scientific evidence to support the positive impact of wellbeing experiences, holistic treatments, relaxation, touch therapies, and how these can support everyone. These therapists will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to provide a suite of wellbeing treatments and experiences for clients, workplaces and organisations, helping clients to achieve a greater sense of physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. This is more important than ever as we recover from the pandemic”

The NHBF continues to support the development of the hair, beauty and aesthetics suite of apprenticeship standards, we have a dedicated education hub on our website which details the latest apprenticeship information, advice, funding and support for employers.   

A copy of the standard and assessment plan can be found on the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education website HERE.   

Take a look at the Mental Health and Wellbeing report HERE.

Taking on an apprentice is your chance to offer someone a great opportunity and pass on your skills and experience to a new generation. It is also an excellent way to grow your own loyal workforce to suit the needs and culture of your business. 

Training an apprentice is also more cost-effective than hiring pre-skilled staff. 

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