3 July 2018

With nearly 5,000 starts since they were released in May 2017, the new level 2 hair professional standards are becoming increasingly popular.  They are now ranked in the media as the fourth most popular new-style standard after team leaders/supervisors, electricians and customer service. 

Hellen Ward, chair of the hair professional Trailblazer steering group said:

“Thanks to the commitment of the steering group members, we have ‘salon ready’ industry standards, that meet the needs of employers.  We have also developed an innovative advanced level hairdressing standard that allows apprentices to show off their individuality, creativity and flair, which is now going through the final stages of approval.  We now need to focus on championing these standards to future apprentices and to employers.” 

Hellen will be transitioning into her new role as the Hair Professional Apprenticeship Employer Champion over the next few months.  She will be focussing on gaining the support of other employers in the sector and supporting them in the implementation and take-up of the hair professional standards.

Wendy Cummins, vice chair of the hair professional Trailblazer steering group added:

“We’re hearing over and over again how difficult it is to recruit 16-year-old school leavers onto apprenticeships.  There is stiff competition from other employers and penalties incurred from the benefits system. Having a well-known industry figure like Hellen Ward working on behalf of employers to champion the standards will be a huge benefit in recruiting apprentices into the industry and promoting the standards.” 

Steering group opportunities 

The hair professional apprenticeships steering group is looking for like minded employers to support both the development and implementation of the apprenticeships. If you would to be involved, please contact caroline.larissey@nhf.info  

To find out more about the hair and beauty professional apprenticeship trailblazer standards visit the NHBF website www.nhf.info/apprenticeships