5 February 2018

A new law came into force on 1 February, making Wales the first country in the UK to ban intimate piercings or ‘making arrangements’ to perform intimate piercings for under 18s.  The ban is meant to protect children and young people from potentially harmful effects on their health.  It also deals with child protection issues as young people under 18 may be placed in a vulnerable position when having an intimate piercing procedure.

Problems with body piercings

A study in England found that amongst people aged 16-24, health complications were reported with around a third of all body piercings, including intimate piercings. Problems were most likely to be reported for tongue piercing (50%), followed by piercings of the genitals (45%) and the nipples (38%). 

The NHBF welcomes the ban 

Hilary Hall, chief executive of the NHBF said, “The Welsh government is encouraging practitioners in Wales to make sure they have a system in place to get proof of age and to get signed consent for each procedure to avoid prosecution and a fine.  We welcome the news that the Welsh government is promoting good practice and leading the way on this issue.”