NHBF: we’re on your side

You told us what matters most to you and we will be campaigning at the highest levels on the key issues that affect you and your business, including COVID recovery, tax, wages and apprenticeships.

We are also raising awareness of important industry topics such as employment law, mental health, inclusivity, and sustainability, and providing information and resources to help our Members while making sure their voice is heard at the highest levels. 

COVID Recovery

Hairdresser PPE

Fighting for … our industries to recover and thrive after the pandemic

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Tax reform


Fighting for … fairer tax

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Fair play on pay

Barbershop clients

Fighting for … fairness around wages

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Streetwise strategies

Busy high street

Fighting for … lower business rates and healthy high streets

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Improvements to education and training 


Fighting for … fit-for-purpose industry-specific education and training standards

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Beauty, aesthetics and wellbeing 


Fighting for … Better standards, safety and quality assurance of beauty aesthetics

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Employment matters

Beauty staff

Raising awareness … the need for fairness and clear guidelines on employment and self-employment

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Putting safety first


Raising awareness … upholding standards, safety and quality across the industries 

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Changing minds 

Mental Health

Raising awareness … mental health in the hair and beauty industry

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Inclusivity and diversity 


Raising awareness …importance of inclusivity and diversity in the hair and beauty industries 

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Going green 

Green energy

Raising awareness … environmental impact and sustainability

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