NHBF: Campaigning for hair and beauty sector  businesses 

At the NHBF we campaign to make your voice heard at the highest levels on the key issues that affect you and your business, including cost of doing business, skills and training, and aesthetics regulation.

We are also raising awareness of important industry topics to support your business, such as employment law, mental health, inclusivity, and sustainability, and providing information and resources to help our Members. 

No.10 business Team, Prime Minister’s office: ‘The hair & beauty sector represents an important pillar of the UK economy, and we will continue to work with the NHBF and the industry on the challenges you face’. 


Two meetings with the BEIS Minister responsible for Personal Care.

19 meetings with UK Government officials and devolved administrations.

Four letters to the Chancellor andParty Leadership candidates.

52 letters to Ministers on key issues.

14 meetings and events were attended in Parliament.

14 submissions to Government consultationsandparliamentary inquiries.

Four published State of the Industry surveys plus a two-year summary with an easy to follow infographic, highlighting the key points from the survey results.

One major report, Careers at the Cutting Edge on the sector skills crisis. 


In 2022, we successfully secured the following:

  • Amendment to the Health and Care Act delivering a regulatory regime for aesthetic non-surgical cosmetic procedures.
  • Wider distribution of the Additional Restrictions Grants (ARG) to personal care businesses and setting up of the Close Contact Fund in Scotland in January.
  • Support on energy bills through the Energy Bills Relief Scheme until March 2023.
  • Business rates support in England and Wales from 2023 through a 75% discount on business rates, freezing the multiplier and reform to transitional relief.