NHBF Members benefit from a 10% discount on the PPL portion of their music licence.

If you play copyright music in your salon, it is a legal requirement to have TheMusicLicense.

If your music licence is due for renewal in the next few weeks or you are planning on playing music in your salon or barbershop to get a 10% discount on the PPL part of your licence fill in the form or contact our friendly membership team on 01234 831965.

Upon receipt of the form, your request will be added to the NHBF/PPL licence and actioned.  It can take a few weeks until you hear from us again but the Membership team will keep you updated.

For further information around which licenses you require in your salon or barbershop please check out our popular blog.

TheMusicLicense is issued by PPL PRS Ltd on behalf of PPL UK Ltd and PRS for Music. 

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