Specialist business coaching from an industry expert can make a huge difference to the success of your business. Our Members can request a free 15-minute business coaching phone call every year and can also take advantage of special fixed-rate coaching support on an ongoing basis. 

Our coaching specialists can identify your strengths and weaknesses, help with team building and motivation, target potential growth opportunities, and achieve greater productivity and better time management. 

Make sure you take advantage of this invaluable Member benefit.

Your membership includes:

  • One free 15-minute business coaching phone call  per year (login to complete form to receive call).
  • Special Member rate for fixed-term or ongoing business coaching support with an industry expert.

(Salon/barbershop and solo membership)  

Your knowledge bank for experience in the industry

All our coaches are experienced in working with clients just like you and many are also trainers delivering NHBF business training courses. The support and advice which they provide is based on their experience of what has worked for them and their clients in the past. The NHBF however cannot give an absolute guarantee that this support and advice will always resolve every issue which you might have in your business. Also, in order to gain the full benefit, you should try to fully implement all recommendations made by our coaches. The NHBF cannot be responsible if you fail to do this.

We’ve also included testimonials so you can see what other clients have said about their experience of working with the coaches.


Chris Amos


Richard Wallace


Ken West


Steve Hilliard


Simon Harris