Valeri Delforge

The Delforge Group - Valerie Delforge (Director)

Being in the Spa & Beauty industry for 30 years, Valerie Delforge not only managed to successfully achieve all set targets, inspire large teams to deliver high standards expected in spas and salons but also develop each business to create a year on year strategic growth.

Valerie recognises the various challenges owners and managers are facing and as a business coach, she also created specific modules to support them in increasing their revenue. “We are all leaders” as far as Valerie is concerned and her sole vision is to empower everyone’s soft skills with a holistic approach of Leadership.

Testimonial: Libra Beauty

Sarah and Hannah, Libra Beauty

We have owned our salon for 10 years- during lockdown, we realised that we didn't really feel like we had progressed a lot in that time and that we needed some help. We watched a lot of webinars! A few of them had Valerie as their guest host and a lot of the time we felt like she was talking directly to us- everything she said resonated with us so when we came out of lockdown we signed up for Valerie's business audit. 

We were quite nervous about doing it as I thought that afterwards we might be overwhelmed with work and big changes to make but it wasn't like that at all! Valerie listened to us, she really understood us (actually better then we understand ourselves I think!) she made us realise things about ourselves and recognise things that we had just completely missed in the last 10 years- it was like all of a sudden the penny dropped and it became really clear what we needed to do. 

One thing I particularly liked in Valerie's approach is that it is realistic- she does not expect you to make big changes overnight and explains that it can be planned over time. We loved this because it was realistic rather than lots of false promises and also because as a busy salon owner trying to make a lot of changes all at once would be completely overwhelming. Giving us a plan and time to implement it makes it so much more manageable and less scary! There is also no judgment from her and she makes it clear that whatever you want from your business and work/life balance is OK- there is no, you should be doing this or that- it's you who decides what you want. Valerie is a delight to work with, she is knowledgeable and relatable. We are so excited to work on our business and now feel really positive now about the future.


Sarah and Hannah