Business support

Fighting for… support for businesses through the ‘cost of doing business crisis’ and a fairer business environment.

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Business Support

  • Continued targeted financial and business support for the sector through the cost of doing business crisis including grants, loans, business rates discounts and reliefs.
  • Additional financial support for the delivery of hair and beauty education and training.
  • Government support for high streets and town centre improvement schemes to support levelling up and increase footfall to our high streets.


  • The National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage to be increased more gradually and over a longer period of time to help businesses recover and protect jobs.
  • A fairer system that enables employers to recruit and employ apprentices from any age group.
  • Employers to pay the apprenticeship rate for the National Minimum Wage for the duration of the apprenticeship, with the government making up the difference to the applicable age group rate.


  • A tax system that addresses disguised employment issues and creates a level playing field between salons and barbershops with employees and those with self-employed chair or room renters.
  • A lower VAT rate for labour-intensive service industries, such as salons and barbershops.
  • Tiered VAT rates so a large VAT bill is not payable as soon as the threshold is reached. Click for more information.
  • Government to lead a crackdown on tax evading businesses operating on a cash basis in the margins and not paying tax or VAT.