Ethical and Sustainable salons

Raising awareness … environmental impact and sustainability. 

Going green

Our campaign 

  • To help salons and barbershops work towards greater sustainability: going green is good for the planet and sends a positive image for the business, which ultimately benefits the bottom line.
  • To work with product houses and large suppliers to encourage their support of salons and barbershops that aim to be more eco-conscious.
  • To work in partnership with key organisations, including Green Salon Collective, to share simple, accessible, affordable and effective advice on greening your salon through a Sustainability Toolkit.
  • To share best practice stories to inspire others within the industry.
  • To publicise the nature and extent of take up of sustainable practices within the sector.
  • Represent the sector and feed into DEFRA’s Business Advisory Group on biodiversity.
  • Collaborate with the Government and share information on ethical sourcing of hair extensions and address issues around modern slavery and forced labour.

Useful resources from the NHBF: