Steve Hilliard - Business Academy

Steve Hilliard Coaching & Consultancy, Bedfordshire

Having spent 20 years developing his own salons, Steve then launched the Steve Hilliard Salon Coaching & Consultancy. He was motivated to do it by listening to the problems of other salon owners when he met them at conferences, courses and trade shows.

He recognised the problems because he used to have them himself … but not anymore! What was his secret? Simple … it’s the ‘Get Off the Salon Floor’ system he developed for himself after much trial and error.

The system gave him the time to focus on working with and coaching his staff. It gave the time to understand his business numbers and make informed decisions rather than knee jerk reactions. It gave him time to develop a clear marketing message for his salons and communicate it effectively.

It gave him time. The one thing most salon owners don’t feel they have enough of.

He’d already learned the hard way that just telling other salon owners about his system wasn’t the answer …they were too busy to listen. Instead, he realised he needed to coach them through the process of making the changes and it was this realisation that gave birth to his new business and the catchphrase Steve has become famous for … “Do something different in your salon today”

Testimonial: Donovan Hairdressing

Michael Donovan, owner of Donovan Hairdressing

I have great pleasure in confirming our collaboration with Steve. He guided us through a new business start-up period, with consultation during our research and prior to opening, ranging from the appropriate number of work stations, when and how to engage new staff, introductions with options for supplier relationships, understanding the development of our brand, to business plans with benchmark performance, also with the experience to set the standards for ratios for individual and retail targets.

His experience has been invaluable and his approach was flexible to suit and support our needs. I consider the relationship and his input to have been a sound investment for our future. We have learnt the value of a concentrated effort on business management methodology rather than just being good hairdressers.