Do you play music, show TV programmes, or offer Wi-Fi in your salon or barbershop? If so, you’ll need to have the correct licences. Make sure you understand what’s required otherwise you may face a potentially heavy fine.

This blog post covers:


Watching television in your salon or barbershop

You may still need a TV licence even if you don’t have a television in your salon or barbershop.

The business address of your salon or barbershop will need a single television licence if clients, staff or visitors to your salon or barbershop:

• Watch or record live TV programmes on any channel.
• Download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer.

You may also need a licence if your clients, staff or visitors:

• Use their own mobile device plugged into the mains to access television.
• Use their own mobile device not plugged into the mains and don’t have a licence for their home address.

Guest wi-fi

If you have more than one salon or barbershop, they will each need to be licensed. You can opt for a Company Group TV Licence to make things simpler.

If you live above your salon or barbershop and have a TV licence for home use, you will need a separate licence for your business premises.

A TV licence does not give you the right to play music via television programmes. See more on music licences below.

Find out more on the TV Licensing website.

If you rent your business premises, it is your responsibility to buy a TV licence unless your tenancy agreement states that the landlord will buy the TV licence.

You could be fined up to £1,000 plus court costs if you are prosecuted for not having a TV licence.

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Playing music in your salon or barbershop

The law says you must be licensed if you play music in your salon or barbershop.

A single licence called TheMusicLicence is offered by PPL PRS Ltd. The cost depends on a number of factors including how many chairs you have in your salon or barbershop.

TheMusicLicence will also cover any chair/space/room renters you have in your salon or barbershop – they will not need their own separate licence.

If you have TheMusicLicence you can legally play virtually all commercially released music from the UK and worldwide via radio, television or other devices. It also covers live music performances.

PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd) represents record companies and performers while PRS (Performing Rights Society) represents songwriters, composers and publishers.

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If you play music and don’t have a licence, you are infringing copyright and could be sued for damages.

Alcohol licences

Remember: if you serve alcoholic drinks to clients – even if you offer them for free – you need to be licensed. The exact requirements vary depending on where you are in the UK.  Read our blog post to find out more.Christmas




Providing Wi-Fi in your salon or barbershop

If you provide free guest Wi-Fi to clients you must be very clear about the data you are collecting from users, why you are collecting it and how it will be used.

If you intend to use the data for marketing purposes you must get opt-in consent.

You will need to record who is using the service. This is because if someone uses your Wi-Fi to download illegal material you could be liable if the system has not recorded whose device was responsible. To avoid this, make sure your system records the device address of everyone who uses your Wi-Fi.

Make sure users know this will happen and that you are not responsible for their activity when using your Wi-Fi. You could provide this information on the portal page of your Wi-Fi and on a public notice in your salon or barbershop.

Ask your Wi-Fi provider for more information about how to ensure this is set up properly.Networking your business

Wi-Fi: comply with GDPR

Ask the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) if you need to register with them as a free Wi-Fi provider. Call the ICO’s helpline on 0303 123 1113 or take the self-assessment questionnaire:

Please note that you still need to comply with GDPReven if you don’t have to register with the ICO. You could face heavy fines if you don’t.

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• You need a television licence to watch or record TV programmes and BBC iPlayer on any device.
• If clients or staff plug in devices to watch TV, you’ll need a television licence.
• Live above the shop? You’ll need a separate TV licence for your business.
• You need PPL and PRS licences to play music in your salon or barbershop.
• Ask the NHBF about PPL music licence discounts for Members.
• A TV licence won’t cover playing music via TV.
• Your Wi-Fi system will need to record who is using the service.
• Make sure your clients and staff know and understand your Wi-Fi policy.
• Take advice from your Wi-Fi supplier and check if you need to register with the ICO.