As we enter the holiday season, many British holidaymakers are already facing flight cancellations due to staffing issues, air traffic control restrictions, and an increase in demand.

Over the Jubilee weekend, hundreds of flights out of the UK were grounded, and over 100 international flights into the UK were also cancelled, most of which originated from the Netherlands, Spain and the Canary Islands, France, and Germany.

Unsurprisingly, travellers are finding the situation to be very stressful. Last-minute cancellations have devastated some people, and others have been "abandoned" at airports across Europe.

Additionally, the interruption is harming employers. Businesses will be under pressure from demands to reschedule annual leave and staff who are stranded abroad without a way back into the country.

Suppose this kind of issue has never arisen before. In that case, you might not be familiar with your company's policy on the topic and be uncertain of your alternatives if staff members cannot report for work.

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