60 seconds with… BROOKE EVANS 

The salon owner, hairstylist and host of the NHBF’s new podcast shares her excitement for her latest role. 

Brooke Evans

I am super excited… to be hosting the new NHBF Shines On podcast. This is something completely new for me to do – having an informal chat with some of my favourite people in the industry, learning about them as people and creatives, and taking an interest in how they got to where they are now. 

I’m very much looking forward… to getting to know the guests and having discussions about what excites them, where the future of hair and beauty is going and the hot topics that are on everyone’s lips. 

I think I will bring positive energy… to the podcast – let’s be honest, I love to talk, and I am a real advocate for a positive mindset. 

Some topics will be quite deep… and more difficult to talk about but I’m happy to delve in. Being honest and having a positive outcome is key. 

I hope listeners get a lot from the podcasts… not only to hear from their idols, but also because many business owners and creatives go through the same things. Whoever you are, you are certainly not alone. 

I’d love to do a podcast on… the self-employed vs employed situation. I feel like there’s a lot of different points to be made about being an employer, being self-employed or being an employee. I believe that everyone has their place in hairdressing, and I think that hairdressers, business owners and self-employed stylists all need to be on the same page. It would make for an interesting discussion.

My career began in amateur photography… I was going to a lot of weddings and shows and loved watching the hairdressers at work. That’s when I decided to get into hairdressing. It looked way more interesting than photography! 

I believe hairdressing is a form of art… and it should be shown that way. It’s such an inspiring industry, and what I love most is that you can be whoever you want to be. Whether that’s a salon hairdresser running busy client columns, a session stylist working with celebrities or an avant-garde hairstylist – you can be so creative. 

The NHBF podcast will take you through the highs and the lows of working in the hair and beauty industry.


Owns: Brooke Evans Ironbridge in Coalbrookdale, Telford

Trained at: Tim Scott Wright Hair Surgery

Follow: @br00ke.evans and @be.ironbridge