Gone are those days when a man’s bathroom cabinet used to consist of shampoo, hair gel, shaving cream and maybe some aftershave. Today, there is a whole range of cosmetic products in a man's bathroom cabinet, including moisturisers, facial cleansers, eye serums, concealers, mud masks, anti-ageing cream, and even foundation.

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Men’s grooming market

By 2024, the global male grooming market is estimated to be worth about 81.2 billion US dollars. The UK’s male grooming worth was an estimated £500m in 2019.

Data, insights and consulting company, Kantar found, men are more likely than ever to spend money on cosmetic and grooming products. Globally, the number of men who enjoy routine spending on beauty products has gone from 17% in 2015 to 21% in 2019.

Having seen the trend increase in recent years, male beauty products and treatment is still relatively unrepresented by salon and barbershops. As a result, men are looking towards the internet for advice on what grooming products to buy and how to use them.

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Maximising men’s treatment

So what does this opportunity mean for salons and barbershop owners, and how can you tap into this trend to maximise revenue and draw existing and new clients in for a luxury-grooming experience?

The most significant move salons and barbershops can make is providing the products and treatments for your clients.

Whilst most men perform their own daily grooming routine, not every man will have had the pleasure of receiving a professional gentleman’s shave. One of the best ways to bring in new and existing clients to your salon or barbershop is to offer them a luxury experience and offer vouchers for a high-end trim and cut, and other pampering treatments.

As we have seen in recent trends, people purchase experiences for gifts such as a day out racing sports cars or taking a hot air balloon ride rather than buying material products from the shelf. Salons and barbershops could tap into this trend by offering your clients vouchers for treatments and other gift ideas.

How to upsell

Why not add value on top of your existing treatment, such as a hot cloth treatment after a shave? While they are in the chair, try to upsell, ask them if they want work done on their eyebrows or beard if they have one.
Impress a client with new beard oil or a quick splash of aftershave as they get out of the chair, and they might want to buy some as they leave.

Male facemask


Once you have customers coming in for their treatment, encourage your hair or beauty team to do a consultation with their clients. As well as making them feel valued and more likely to try different services such as colour, they may also be far more likely to buy retail products.

Building confidence and trust with your client can go a long way. Give them a little advice on what products to use for their face, beard, or hair and give best practice tips on maintaining that fresh look.

Train your staff to know how to answer client queries such as, ‘I can get products at the supermarket much cheaper’, for example, by explaining that the product's price works out at very little per day and is a far superior product for the money most supermarket products.

Boost special occasions sales

Industry professional Debbie Elderton explains in our blog post, ‘Make your salon and barbershop staff retail savvy’ about how to maximise different periods of year such as Father’s Day, Black Friday, and summer: “The summer season means clients are coming through the door for weddings, proms, pre-holiday hair and beauty treatments. May to August is easily as busy as the festive period in our salon. Clients are much more inclined to impulse-buy travel-sized ‘checkout treats’ like treatment masques and sun sprays. Summer is a huge retail time for us.”

Make sure your staff knows how to make the most of the summer season when it comes to retail sales. Keep a basket of irresistible impulse buys topped up at reception. These can be smaller items such as travel products or handbag essentials. Make sure they’re labelled as ‘Men’s gifts’ and are clearly priced so clients can buy with confidence. You can also gift wrap a few items to provide easy last-minute present ideas for busy clients.

Christmas is another opportunity to make the most of your retail sales. Find out more in our blog post.

Shimol Kanuga, Director of beauty therapist at Guys and Dolls and Bangs, says in the salonfocus summer issue: “With lockdown now eased, social occasions will gradually increase, and the demand for male grooming products will reignite. Men have always been interested in their appearance, but social media have intensified this. It has become important for men to ‘invest’ in themselves in an image-conscious society.
Men are embracing the salon and spa experience. The ‘in and out’ mentality of a barbershop is becoming a thing of the past. Salons dedicated solely to male grooming services and products are a relatively new development in the UK, and potential clients may be unaware of what is on offer.”


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  • Understand and recognise the trend in male grooming
  • Offer a variety of men’s treatment in your salon or barbershop
  • Sell male grooming products that you use in your shop
  • Train staff to upsell and consultation
  • Maximise summer sales by having products on display