Are you ready for the NHBF Hair & Beauty industry Top 100 Influencers 2022? 

We are excited to launch the 'Hair & Beauty industry – Top 100 influencers’ for 2022 campaign. This is your opportunity to recognise those in the industry that influence, educate and innovate the sector.

We are inviting you to nominate the individuals who you think are the most influential in  the industry on social media.
You can share the fact that you have nominated on social media by using the hashtag  #NHBFTop100influencers  #Hairandbeautytop100

Closing date for nominations is 29 July 2022

The nomination process

You can nominate as many people as you wish, including yourself and we encourage you to post it on social media too using #NHBFTop100influencers.

The nomination process is simple:

  • Enter your name or the name of the person you’re nominating
  • Enter their social media handles (Linkedin, Twitter, IG, Tik Tok & YouTube)
  • Confirm that you meet the nomination criteria (listed below)

Once the nominations close, a longlist of 250 will then be given to our partners running the Influencer Index campaign who will analyse the nominations based on independent data metrics:

  • Followers - the number of people following you/the nominees.
  • Engagement - the number of mentions, shares, links and impressions of your/the nominees’ posts.
  • Reach - how many people have seen you/the nominees’ posts.

The nomination criteria

We are celebrating the industry so the nominations are open to NHBF Members and non-members that fit within the following criteria:

  • A professional currently working in the hairdressing, barbering, beauty, wellbeing or aesthetics industries.
  • Applicants should have an applicable qualification in the industry they are working in, from a regulated awarding organisation as detailed here or equivalent continual experience working in the industry (5 years+)

Click here for the nomination form – closing date is 29 July 2022.

When will the results be announced?

The Top 100 ranking influencers will be announced on 13 November 2022 through a virtual awards ceremony. Further details to follow.

  • Entries open: 7 June 2022
  • Entries close: 29 July 2022
  • Evaluation of longlist of 250 influencers: 1-31 August 2022
  • 100-21 winners announced: 7-11 November 2022
  • 20-1 winners announced: 13 November 2022

Top 100 Influencers Winners

Click to view the Top 100 Influencers winners for 2021.