Loop HR Software

Be super organised, compliant and in control of your HR tasks with Loop HR

Designed for salon and barbershop owners and their teams’ Loop HR easy to use systems, help manage complex processes as well as automate mundane tasks. Meaning your business is compliant, well organised and easier to run, allowing you to focus on the day job.

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As a busy salon owner, when you need answers, you need them fast! No more scrapping around for holiday dates and approvals, sickness notifications, calculating or find an answer, it’s right at your fingertips with the Loop HR.

John Roads of the award-winning salon Gatsby & Miller describes Loop HR as the “gold standard in HR management”.

Barbara Khattri of Elements salon says “you've answered and solved so many of our HR issues - you've got official hero status!”

Alan Armstrong at The Salon say “Loop HR has been a game changer for me it’s fantastic”.

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