These requirements apply to Coversure Salonsure insurance policies underwritten by Covea, taken out or renewed after 1 January 2021. If you have insurance with a different provider, always make sure you are covered. 

  • Staff members must hold an appropriate nationally recognised qualification for each service and/or treatment they carry out. 
  • Coversure also recognises ‘shop floor’ (also known as ‘time-served’) experience (continuing professional development) and training provided by manufacturers. 

What are appropriate nationally recognised qualifications?

Your staff must hold the appropriate nationally recognised qualification (see a list of regulatory organisations below) for each service and/or treatment they carry out.

For example:

  • A staff member who has completed an NVQ/SVQ level 2 including a colouring unit would be covered to complete colouring services.
  • A staff member who has completed an NVQ/SVQ level 2 including a perming unit would be covered to complete perming services.

The relevant units studied will be listed on the unit accreditation section of the qualification held by the individual.

What about experience or manufacturer’s training?

Coversure’s Salonsure insurance policy underwritten by Covea does take into account ‘shop floor’ (time-served) continuing professional development (CPD) following the completion of a recognised qualification.

For example, a staff member who has completed an NVQ/SVQ level 2 including a colouring unit may go on to broaden and update those colouring skills, for example, balayage, through ‘shop floor’ (time-served) continual professional development.

The policy also recognises CPD gained through a manufacturer’s training or similar if a nationally recognised qualification in the treatment or service was not available or required when the original qualification was completed. An example of this is smoothing and strengthening services.

Do I need to keep a record of my staff’s CPD?

You should record all the continuing professional development (CPD) your staff members carry out and keep Coversure informed when taking out or renewing your policy.

Does a salon/barbershop manager need to have a level 4 qualification?

No, the Coversure policy underwritten by Covea does not require this.

What about my chair, space and room renters?

As a salon or barbershop owner you have a duty of care to ensure that your chair/space and room renters meet the requirements set out in the NHBF qualifications and age restrictions fact sheet. However, they run their own businesses and it is their responsibility to make sure they hold the correct qualifications and that their insurance will cover them.

NHBF qualifications and age restrictions fact sheet 

The NHBF qualifications and age restrictions fact sheet explains the core competency qualifications required for working in the sector. Following the completion of a regulated qualification an individual may complete ‘shop floor’ (time-served) continual professional development to further broaden and update their skills to ensure they can meet current client demand and developments in technology/services. 

Nationally recognised qualifications are not available for all treatments and services due the rapid growth in their popularity. Alternative training and qualifications are listed in the fact sheet as ‘manufacturer’s training’. 

A copy of qualifications that are recognised by UK recognised regulatory organisations are available at:

The regulatory Organisations within the UK are:

  • The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) is the regulator of qualifications, examinations and assessments in England and the regulator of vocational qualifications in Northern Ireland. 
  • The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) is Scotland’s national awarding and accreditation body. It accredits all qualifications in Scotland with the exception of degrees and recognises awarding bodies in Scotland.
  • Qualifications Wales is the independent organisation responsible for regulating general and vocational qualifications in Wales
  • Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) is Northern Ireland’s examination board which also acts as the regulator of qualifications and awarding body in Northern Ireland. 
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