3 July 2020

This update explains how salons and barbershops should collect client details for the NHS ‘Test and Trace’ service.

You must keep a temporary record of your clients and visitors for 21 days and assist NHS ‘Test and Trace’ with requests for contact information if needed. The aim is to help avoid a second spike as lockdown measures are eased.

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When collecting and storing data you will need to comply with strict data protection regulations. Find out more. 

What information do I need to record?

You will need to make a note of each client’s:

  • Name.
  • Phone number.
  • Time of arrival.
  • Time they left, where possible.
  • Which stylist or barber served them.

 You also need to record the dates and times that your team members are at work.

 The government has confirmed:

  • You are not required to check the accuracy of the contact information that clients give you or ask to see their ID.
  • You do not have to collect contact details from people who are only on your site for short time – for example, delivery people.
  • Records can be digital or on paper.
  • You are not required to delete the data immediately after 21 days – it can be deleted when you normally delete unwanted data.

Is this compulsory?

The government has made it clear that while at present the requirement to record client information as part of the NHS Test and Trace service is not legally required, it will introduce legislation if people fail to comply. Clients may choose not to provide their details, but you should encourage them to do so.

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