6 November 2023

The National Hair and Beauty Federation (NHBF) submitted a comprehensive response to the Department for Health & Social Care regarding the proposed licensing of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in England. The contribution to the consultation was a collaborative effort, involving valuable insights from NHBF Members and the Beauty Industry Group (BIG).

In their response, the NHBF brought to light several critical concerns for the government's consideration. The NHBF's response represents a significant effort to address various concerns and uncertainties related to the proposed licensing of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, emphasising the importance of a well-informed and balanced regulatory framework.

Creating a Fair Environment: The NHBF emphasised the need for a level playing field in the industry, expressing concerns that the proposed measures might create an imbalance between the beauty and medical sectors. They underscored the potential risk to the beauty sector's recovery, highlighting how certain options within the consultation document could impede access to aesthetics through the beauty sector and disrupt the pathways for entry and progression.

Clarifying Categories and Definitions: The NHBF called upon the government to conduct further work in categorising the procedures subject to licensing and defining the term 'medical oversight.' This clarifying step would help ensure a more coherent regulatory framework.

Recognising Sector Definitions: The NHBF urged the government to conduct a comprehensive survey to understand the extent of aesthetic treatments performed in both medical and non-medical settings. They also emphasised the need to update SIC/SOC classification codes to accurately reflect the diversity within the sector.

Public Awareness Campaign: The NHBF advocated for the launch of a government-backed campaign tied to the new licensing regime. This campaign's purpose would be to assist the public in making informed choices by guiding them toward safe, transparent, and competent practitioners and facilities.

Continuing Dialogue: The NHBF expressed their willingness to engage in ongoing dialogue with the government to share their expertise. Topics of future discussions would include the practical implementation of the licensing system, ensuring effective enforcement of the framework, shaping a registration scheme, and defining qualifications and training criteria. This collaborative approach would respect and acknowledge existing sector standards, qualifications, and training.

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