2 July 2024

Your Voice Matters: The NHBF State of the Industry Quarterly Survey

With a change in government imminent and after recent wage rises, recession and falling inflation, we are keen to get the very latest feedback from you about how business is going. The survey has been running for three years and is the only one that is consistent, reliable and utilised by government as a transparent picture of the hair and beauty sector (not just hairdressing).

Please access the latest quarterly survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WMH7L7L

The survey contains questions about business & trading, debt, barriers to growth, recruitment and your priorities for the next government.

The deadline for responses is Thursday 11 July at 12 noon.

The survey should take around 7 minutes. Your responses are strictly confidential.


The NHBF Top 100 Influencer Index Award

The NHBF Top 100 Influencer Index Award Ceremony is back for its fourth year, and nominations are now open! 

We're looking for individuals who make a difference in the hair and beauty industry, inspire others, and have a positive impact on social media. 

Do you know someone who fits the bill? Nominate them (you can nominate yourself too!) for the Top 100 Influencer Index and let their brilliance be recognised! 

Ready to nominate? It’s quick and easy! Click here.


General Election: 2 days to go

Only 2 days to go before salon owners and the self-employed head to the polls to cast their votes in the General Election on July 4. The NHBF’s Manifesto outlines a vision for the next Government, focusing on ensuring the sector's growth and prosperity.

The Manifesto emphasises the following key points:

  • The value of the sector to the UK economy and communities.
  • The importance of apprenticeships to the sector and support for employers.
  • How the sector supports community wellbeing and NHS services, and how it could offer even more.
  • Sustainability initiatives and contributing towards net-zero targets.

More information on how to vote can be found on the Government’s website.


Managing workplace temperatures

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published information for employers outlining their responsibilities to their employees during hot weather. The guidance suggests ways to manage the temperature in the workplace to protect workers, like providing fans or air conditioning, introducing flexible working patterns, or offering extra breaks.