13 July 2015

The NHBF East Midlands Region is proud to present an evening with international barber and educator Sid Sottung. Highly regarded for his charismatic stage shows, the event promises to marry the finest in barbering education and entertainment.

Barbers, both new and experienced, can benefit from Sid’s 25 years of experience working with industry leading names. Alongside fellow academy educator, Josh O’Callaghan, Sid will demonstrate the skills and techniques necessary to achieve current and upcoming trends – including highly tipped longer styles. A nod to hirsute gents will follow with Sid demonstrating the resurgent art of traditional wet shaving and beard design.

Sid will close the show by presenting a recreation of his men’s collection, Gangland. The collection – featured in both national and international magazines, draws inspiration from two of the most notorious street gangs of recent centuries, the Peaky Blinders and Red Warriors. The latest collection, The Retreat, will also be unveiled.

A talk from thirty-eight year industry veteran and customer care expert, Kevin Hamm, will accompany the evening. Kevin has dedicated the last sixteen years of his career to implementing his Customer Care System throughout some of the UK’s most well-known salon chains. With 80% of clients citing customer care as their reason for changing salon or barbershop, Kevin will discuss customer retention through communication and consultation skills.

“This is a great opportunity to learn more about all the elements of barbering. It’s a craft which is evolving and clients’ needs are changing, so barbers need to be changing too,”

says NHBF president Paul Curry. “Sid is not only a great industry ambassador but he and Kevin are supporting barbers of the future and levels of excellence across our industry.”

The event takes place between 7.00pm and 10.00pm on the 28th of September at Nottingham’s Alea Casino. Tickets cost £15 for members and £20 for non-members.