23 September 2020

This update covers: 

  • England: government guidelines now a legal requirement.
  • England: all staff in salons and barbershops must wear face coverings.
  • Scotland: Enforcement stepped up.
  • Scotland: Mobile beauty businesses still not allowed to operate.
  • Scotland and Wales: £500 support for low-income individuals who must self-isolate.
  • Wales and Northern Ireland: mobile beauty businesses 

England: key changes for salons and barbershops

 The Prime Minister has announced two key changes that will directly affect salons and barbershops in England: 

  • The government guidelines for salons and barbershops are now a legal requirement. Businesses that don’t comply will be fined £10,000 and could be closed. 
  • Clients are required to wear a face covering. Individuals who don’t comply can be fined £200. 
  • All staff in salons and barbershops must wear face coverings. Individuals who don’t comply can be fined £200. The requirement for staff to wear face coverings applies when they are not providing a treatment or service. When providing a treatment or service, stylists, barbers and therapists must wear a clear visor or goggles and a Type II face mask. This PPE must be worn for all services and treatments in salons and barbershops, not just those carried out in the highest-risk zone.

Scotland: enforcement measures 

The Scottish Government will be providing further resources to support environmental health officers and is asking local authorities to step up their inspection and enforcement measures to ensure businesses are following guidelines. 

Scotland: mobile businesses

Mobile beauty businesses are still not allowed to operate in Scotland. Mobile hairdressers and barbers are allowed to operate. 

Scotland and Wales: £500 for those on a low income who need to self-isolate 

Individuals in Scotland and Wales who are on a low income and need to self-isolate will be offered a payment of £500. 

Wales and Northern Ireland: mobile hair and beauty businesses 

Mobile hair and beauty businesses can continue to work in clients’ homes and in their own homes in Wales and Northern Ireland.

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