Sam Marshall (she/her/hers), a beauty expert, speaker, DEI educator, and advisor, from The Beauty Guru has blogged for the NHBF about pronouns in celebration of Pride Month June 2023.

The article discusses what pronouns are, how they can help businesses become more inclusive, and their importance in the new norm.

In an ever-changing world, language will always evolve and change, and we have the choice to learn, adapt and embrace it, or be left behind. 

What are Pronouns?

Pronouns are part of the everyday language you use when referring to other people. Typical ones are she/her and he/him. 

You may have already come across pronouns. Many of you may even be already using them. You may be seeing them on email footers, especially from larger corporations. The NHBF staff proudly display their pronouns on their email signatures.