The advice set out below is aimed at business owners and directors who have NOT furloughed themselves. 

If you are furloughed you must not carry out any activities that provide revenue or services for your business. 

Furloughed directors can still carry out their statutory duties.  Find out more about this.

Read our job retention scheme FAQs for more information about being furloughed. 

If you are NOT furloughed, see below for our top tips and ideas on how to make the best use of your time during lockdown and hit the ground running when you re-open. This post covers:

Create a marketing plan 

When your salon/barbershop is open and busy it can be difficult to set time aside to plan your marketing activities. Take the opportunity while you are closed to create a solid marketing plan including your re-launch strategy ready for re-opening. 

This can include sprucing up your social media pages and website, as well as your google business listing which may be in need of an update. If you haven’t already set up your google business listing, now is a good time to do so. Find out more.

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Make the most of Instagram

Spend some time refreshing your Instagram feed. Take the opportunity to see what other similar businesses are doing on Instagram and be inspired! Now is the perfect time to add content, create a new and more exciting look and forward-plan content to ensure your Instagram account isn’t neglected in the future. 

Not got an Instagram account yet? 

Use some of the extra time you now have to set up an Instagram account for your business – it’s free and straightforward. Once you’re up and running, you can start to create content and publicising it on your other social media accounts and website. Ideas for content while you’re closed include:

  • Explain how viewers can get the most from their hairdresser, therapist or barber – what to ask for and how to explain styles, colours and treatments.
  • Go through a daily skin or hair care routine – highlight what products to use and explain techniques.
  • Offer advice for common problems. 
  • Offer hints and tips for hair and beauty care between salon/barbershop visits.

You can also channel your creativity on YouTube and get noticed. 


Stay visible 

You may be closed but make the effort to stay visible on social media and your website. Keep your clients informed about what’s happening and continue to post regularly – for example, hints and tips for home hair care or beauty routines. 

Push your retail products

Do you sell retail online? Now’s the time to really push your products. And if you’re not already selling online, you could consider opening an online shop. You could create ‘self-care’ boxes for clients to use while you’re closed. These could be for specific hair/skin types or created to suit the needs of individual clients. Find out more about pushing retail sales and selling online

Please note: you should not sell/supply hair colour products that are for professional use only, and you should also be wary of supplying products such as colour shampoos. See our full advice about this. 

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Salon/barbershop makeover 

Why not give your salon or barbershop a refresh while you have some time? Even small changes such as a new wall colour or some extra lighting can make a big difference and will add a little ‘wow’ factor when you can open up for clients again. 

As part of your makeover you could also refresh your logo and branding. Make sure your branding is consistent across your salon/barbershop, website and social media accounts. 

Download our guide to design and fit-out


Sort out your finances 

Being busy with clients is usually a great excuse for not doing those less exciting things that can make a big difference to your business. So now you have some time, here are just a few suggestions: 

  • Should you change business accounts? You may be able to get more value for money and better business services at another bank. Find out more.
  • If you want your business to thrive and grow, it’s vital to do some number crunching and take control of your cash flow. Find out how and be one step ahead when it’s time to re-open!
  • Take the time to research options for accountancy services – a good accountant could save you thousands in the long-run.
  • Have you reviewed your prices recently? This is another vital job that often gets ignored in the day-to-day rush of running a business. Find out how to get your prices right.

Get some free business coaching 

Did you know NHBF Members have access to a free 15-minute business coaching phone call? Now is a great time to take advantage of this benefit. You can also get special fixed-rate coaching support on an ongoing basis. Find out more

National minimum wage

Get ready, get organised! 

We’ve got everything you need to run a safe, profitable and legal business. Now’s the perfect time to make sure you’re up-to-date and legally watertight. 

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